In this section, you will find information on the amount of products to use for each common health or usage problem, as well as the method to use.

External Use
Silvericid Ag
Internal Use
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External Use

Silvericid Ag 

Concentration - 15 ppm

Medecinal use


Put a few drops several times a day.


Acne, Burns, Sunburn, Cuts, Eczema, Frostbite, Boils, Herpes, Mycoses, Insect Bites, Pruritus.

Apply two to three times a day the liquid or gel. Spray the affected area. Note that contact with the skin should be at least 6 minutes to allow the product time to act. The product only acts once it is dry.


When a band of gauze is impregnated with colloidal ionic silver and dried in air, the silver particles are absorbed in the absorbent fibers of the dressing. The non-absorbent fibers are coated with a thin film of metallic silver. Such dressings (it can be a simple plaster or large strips of gauze) will fight the infection and accelerate healing (burns, abrasions, cuts). Dressings can also be applied wet. This will kill bacteria from an open wound and prevent infection. The gel is also usable as a dressing.

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Common use


Mold (prevention and elimination), bacteria

- Spray in the kitchen and bathroom;

- On sponges, toothbrushes, combs and hairbrushes;

- To rinse fresh fruits and vegetables

- Etc.

Plant treatment

Against bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds that attack plants, flowers and fruits.

Spray the solution (one tablespoon per liter of water) on the leaves or pour in the foot of the plant.

Purification of water

Elimination of bacteria and viruses, including E coli

One to four tablespoons of a solution of ionic colloidal silver per liter of water.

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Internation Uses


Concentration - 10 ppm

Medicinal use

There are no standard dosages established because of the many variables involved: severity of the disease, individual reactions, and so on. However, taking a spoonful per hour is both safe and wise in case of infection.


Colloidal silver is usually taken on an empty stomach or outside of meals. However, if taken during a meal, it will promote digestion by preventing bad fermentations. If the solution is kept for a few minutes in the mouth (sublingual absorption), it passes more quickly in the blood.


Sip a sip of solution over the affected area for five minutes. Spit the liquid.


Roll the product in the mouth a few seconds as a mouthwash and swallow.

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After each dental cleaning, rinse and gargle the palate with 1-2 sips for a few seconds before discarding.


Other Mentions

Ionic Colloidal Silver does not interfere with aromatherapy or homeopathic treatments.
Do not put metal objects into contact.