Biosilver Lab

In today's world where antibiotics are too often the easy-to-use voice, it is important to take a moment to assess the health impacts of antibiotics. Indeed, they can disrupt the immune system on many levels, and there are still some hidden dangers.


Alain Ginestet, President of BioArgent, looked into the matter in order to find a natural alternative, without danger to health.


In researching the archives, he realized that until the early 1940s, colloidal ionic silver was used intensively. It was used for nearly half a century, then the synthetic antibiotics were their appearance and fell into oblivion.


Alain Ginestet and his team of scientists will start from this discovery to create BioArgent products based on colloidal ionic silver.


Thus, since 2005, BioArgent's mission is to provide everyone with a versatile alternative to fight disease symptoms effectively and naturally.

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